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Designed to provide the maximum capacity with the lowest ocean shipping cost.


The cAT is an induced draft, counterflow design cooling tower with a capacity range of 173 to 472 nominal tons (762 to 2,079 kW). Standard construction consists of G-235 (Z-725 Europe) galvanized steel with type 304 or 316 stainless steel available for the basin or the entire tower.



Design Features

Maintenance Features

Drive System

Optional Equipment

Unit Specification

cAT Cooling Towers - Design Features


The cAT Cooling Tower product line is an Advanced Technology design which utilizes induced draft counterflow technology -the most efficient in the industry and the best design for operation in a freezing climate. The counterflow design provides the cAT Cooling Tower with inherently better operational and maintenance features.

cAT Cooling Towers - Maintenance Features


Designed for easy maintenance, the cAT cooling tower leads the industry in service friendly features. The two most critical areas for cooling tower maintenance are the basin and the drive system. The cAT basin section is designed to allow quick and easy access from outside the cooling tower. Just like the basin, all service to the drive system can be safely performed from the side of the cooling tower. This eliminates the need to stand in the cold water basin or add costly fan deck handrails and safety cages for routine service to the bearings, belts, or electrical equipment. Evapco's Power-Band drive system is the easiest belt drive system to maintain in the industry!

cAT Cooling Towers - Drive Systems


The cAT Cooling Tower features the highly successful EVAPCO POWER-BAND Belt Drive System engineered for heavy-duty operation. The POWER-BAND Drive System has consistently provided trouble-free operation in the most severe duty cooling tower applications,

cAT Cooling Towers - Optional Equipment


The standard design of the EVAPCO cAT provides the customer with the easiest cooling tower to maintain in the industry. There are additional options which can make maintenance easier and extend the life of the cooling tower. These options are listed below.


  •     Sloped Access Ladders
  •     Motor Davit with Base
  •     Stainless Steel Water Touch Basin
  •     Electric Heaters
  •     Electric Water Level Control
  •     Other Options









1.1 RELATED DOCUMENTS A. Drawings and general provisions of the Contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions and Division 1 Specification Sections, apply to this section.


1.2 SUMMARY: A. This Section includes factory assembled and tested, open circuit, induced draft counterflow cooling tower.


1.3 SUBMITTALS A. General. Submit the following: 1. Certified drawings of the cooling tower, sound data, recommended steel support indicating weight loadings, wiring diagrams, installation instructions, operation and maintenance instructions, and thermal performance guarantee by the manufacturer.


1.4 QUALITY ASSURANCE A. Meet or Exceed energy efficiency per ASHRAE 90.1.




A. Motor/Drive System: Five (5) year comprehensive warranty against materials and workmanship including motor, fan, bearings, mechanical support, sheaves, bushings and belt.


B. Unit (cAT): One (1) year from start-up, not to exceed eighteen (18) months from shipment on the unit.


C. Unit (SST cAT): Five (5) year comprehensive warranty against materials and workmanship for complete unit.






A. Manufactures: Subject to compliance with requirements, provide cooling towers manufactured by one of the following: 1. EVAPCO, Inc. 2. Approved Substitute




A. Galvanized Sheet Steel complying with ASTM A 653/A 653M and having G-235 designation.


B. Optional Type 304 and/or 316 Stainless Steel as specified.




A. Description: Factory assembled and tested, induced draft counterflow cooling tower complete with fill, fan, louvers, accessories, and rigging supports.


B. Cooling Tower Characteristics and Capacities: Refer to the Cooling Tower schedule.


C. Fan(s): 1. Type and Material (cAT): Axial propeller, individually adjustable wide chord blade extruded aluminum installed in a closely fitted cowl with venturi air inlet for maximum efficiency, covered with a heavy gauge hot dipped Galvanized fan guard. (optional Type 304 stainless steel) 2. Maximum sound pressure level of _____dB(A) measured at 5 feet above the fan discharge during full speed operation in accordance with CTI Standard ATC-128.


D. Water Distribution System: Non-corrosive materials. 1. Evenly distribute of water over fill material with pressurized spray tree. a. Pipes: Schedule 40 PVC, Non-corrosive Materials b. Nozzles: Non-clogging, ABS Plastic, threaded into branch piping. 2. Maximum pressure at inlet shall be ____ psig.


E. Collection Basin Material: Galvanized Steel (cAT - Type 304 Stainless Steel Optional) or Type 316 Stainless Steel (cAT):


1. Removable stainless-steel strainer with openings smaller than nozzle orifices.


2. Joints: Bolted and sealed watertight or welded.


3. Overflow, makeup and side drain connections


4. Flume plate between cells (for multiple-cell units) or Equalizer connection (for multiple-cooling-tower system).


F. Casing: Galvanized Steel (cAT) or Type 304 Stainless Steel (Type 316 Stainless Steel Optional):


1. Casing panels shall totally encase the fill media to protect the fill from damage due to direct atmospheric contact.


2. Fasteners: Corrosion resistance equal to or better than materials being fastened.


3. Joints: Sealed watertight.


4. Welded Connections: Continuous and watertight G. Fill Media: PVC; resistant to rot, decay and biological attack; formed, crossfluted bonded together for strength and durability in block format for easy removal and replacement; suitable for use as a working surface; self extinguishing with flame spread rating of 5 per ASTM E84-81a; able to withstand continuous operating temperature of 130�F; and fabricated, formed and installed by the manufacturer to ensure water breaks up into droplets.


H. Drift Eliminators: Same material as Fill. 0.001% drift rate.


I. Air Inlet Louver Screens: Formed PVC mounted in G-235 galvanized (or Type 316 stainless) steel frames for easy removal; designed "Sight Tight" to completely block direct sunlight from entering and water from splashing out of the cooling tower.


J. Water Level Control: Brass mechanical makeup water valve and plastic float with an adjustable linkage.




A. General requirements for motors are specified in Division 15 Section "Motors".


B. Enclosure Type: TEFC


C. Motor Speed: Single Speed (Option: VFD Duty, 2-speed)


D. Drive: Power Band Belt designed for 150% of the motor nameplate HP.


1. Belt: Mutli-groove, solid back V-belt type neoprene reinforced with polyester cord.


2. Sheaves: Aluminum alloy if located inside the airstream.


3. Bearings: Heavy duty, self-aligning pillow block bearings with lubrication lines extended to side access door. Minimum L10 life for bearings shall be 75,000 hours. Provide extended grease lines and fittings.


4. Vibration Cutout Switch: Mechanical switch to de- energize fan motors if excessive vibration in NEMA 4 enclosure.




A. Internal Working / Service Platforms: Provide a complete internal working platform and ladder system for service of all drive components. A suitable working platform may be constructed of the fill media for counterflow cooling towers. If a crossflow tower is used, provide an internal walkway with ladder and elevated working platform to allow for service and maintenance to motor and drive assembly.


B. Handrails/Grabrails: Galvanized steel pipe complying with 29 CFR 1910.23. If access to fan deck is required, supply a perimeter handrail with ladder from grade to fan deck. C. Ladders: Aluminum, sloped "ships type" with grabrail or vertical complying with 29 CFR 1910.27.



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