Liquid Level Control


Refrigerant  Float Switch

The LLSS refrigerant float switch provides an electrical switching action in response to change in the refrigerant levels in various applications where control and monitoring of liquid levels are required.

  Product Overview



Parker’s LLSS Refrigerant Float Switch offers proven and reliable operation by using a mechanical switch and magnet mechanism. This reliability will reduce complexity, reduce replacement costs and offer enhanced system safety. The LLSS uses corrosion resistant components including a stainless-steel float chamber to ensure a long lifetime in the harsh environments of industrial refrigeration.


The Float Switch is used to open and close solenoid valves, to activate or de-activate electrical controls, to energize or de-energize magnetic starters for starting and stopping refrigerant liquid pumps and compressors, and as a safety device, to sound alarms and turn on lights when there is high or low liquid level.


The electrical switch and operating mechanism are encapsulated within a UV resistant transparent housing. The float chamber is hermetically sealed.



• Industrial Refrigeration

• Commercial Refrigeration


Features and Benefits:

• Stainless steel float chamber assembly

• UV resistant and transparent switch housing with optional protective cover

• Magnetically actuated switch (single pole double throw)

• Hermetically sealed switch

• Complete assembly weighs 3.08 kg (6.8 lbs)

• Switch assemblies are compatible with Refrigeration Specialties liquid level models LL, LLS, and LLA

• Complies with Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU



• Flooded Surge Drums

• Flooded Shell and Tube Chillers

• High and Low Pressure Receivers

• Inter Coolers

• Transfer Vessels

• Various Accumulators



Electrical Connection                                              4- Pole QD or Leaded


4- Pole QD or Leaded                                              Not Applicable or 610 mm


Lead Length (inch)                                                   Not Applicable or 24"


Maximum Operating Pressure (barg)


Weight (lbs)                                                                6.8 lbs


Maximum Operating Pressure (psig)                   450 psig


Maximum Operating Pressure (bar)                    31 bar


Minimum Liquid Temperature (C)                         -75°C


Minimum Liquid Temperature (F)                         -100°F


Maximum Liquid Temperature (C)                        65°C


Maximum Liquid Temperature (F)                        150°F


Minimum Ambient Temperature (C)                     -45°C


Minimum Ambient Temperature (F)                     -50°F or -150°F


Maximum Ambient Temperature (C)                    50°C or 65° C


Maximum Ambient Temperature (F)                    120°F or 150°F


Specific Gravity Range                                            0.57 to 1.7


Power Supply                                                            120 VAC: 10 Amps

                                                                                      240 VAC: 10 Amps

                                                                                      125 VDC: 1/2 Amps


Switch Option                                                             Single Pole Double Throw


Tank Connection                                                        Float Chamber Fittings: 3/4"-14 FPT or 1"BW- Switches: 1/2" NPT


Material                                                                       Float Chamber Assembly: 304L S.S.- Switch Assembly: Molded UV Resistant Plastic- Switch

                                                                                      Cover: Aluminum


Certificates                                                                 Tank Assembly: CE0035, PED- Leaded Switch Assembly: No Certificate - DIN Switch Assembly:

                                                                                       CE0035,   IP65, Float Chamber: CE0035, PED- Switch: UL

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