Condensers & Fluid Coolers

Air Cooled Condensers

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1 - 26 Ton

Product Description


Direct drive air-cooled condensers, available from 1 through 26 ton models, are the industry standard for remote air-cooled applications. They are designed for efficient performance and low maintenance and are great for many applications.

11-264 Ton

Product Description


These air-cooled condensers feature improved energy efficiency and low sound levels sought after by the supermarket and grocery industry. Traditional condensers using 1140 RPM motors offer high capacities, but cannot meet the low sound and energy efficiency standards demanded today by this industry. High capacities for operation along with the low sound and energy efficiency requirements are brought together in these units for a great fit for many applications. Choosing a model with the patented QuietEdge™ Fan Blade or Variable Speed EC motors makes this product qualified to be included in the E Solutions™ product portfolio.


Product Description


The microchannel air-cooled condenser platform provides significant refrigerant and energy savings vs. standard round tube plate fin condensers. These condensers can provide more than a 70% reduction in condenser refrigerant charge due to an efficient coil design and low internal volume. This condenser is available with variable speed EC motors which continuously adjust speed to optimize system performance, providing significant energy savings and sound reduction. The all-aluminum construction of these microchannel coils virtually eliminates the risk of galvanic corrosion enabling application even in harsh environments and coastal areas. The use of microchannel coil technology and energy efficient variable speed EC motors makes this product qualified to be included in the E Solutions™ product portfolio.

Fluid Coolers

FN Fluid Cooler

Product Description


Direct drive fluid coolers with vertical air flow are designed to save time on installation, provide excellent performance, long service life and a wide range of performance selections. These units are ideal for commercial/industrial locations.

Small Fluid Cooler

Product Description


Direct-drive fluid coolers, available in horizontal or vertical airflow, are ideal for commercial/industrial locations. Available in sizes 5 to 26 tons, these units are easy to install and maintain. Specifically engineered for outdoor installations, the cabinet is constructed of heavy gauge aluminum to resist corrosion in all climates.


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