Liquid Level Control


Parker offers a line of liquid level control products designed specifically for controlling refrigerant levels in high- and low-pressure condensers, evaporators and chillers.


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Refrigerant Float Switch


The LLSS refrigerant float switch provides an electrical switching action in response to change in the refrigerant levels in various applications where control and monitoring of liquid levels are required.


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Liquid Level Control HBLT-A1


HBLT capacitive liquid level transmitters are used to measure liquid levels in refrigerant vessels, receivers, accumulators, or other similar pressure vessels.


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Level Control Sensors


Level Control Sensors are intelligent, stand-alone microprocessor sensors with built in controllers


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Liquid Level Wire Probe- HBLT- Wire


The HBLT-WIRE is a field adjustable capacitive liquid level sensor designed to measure refrigerant levels in traditional stationary systems such as vessels, receivers or accumulators, as well as in marine systems.


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Level Switches


Level Switches are designed for industrial applications and long-term function. Switches operate according to the capacitive principle detecting presence of any kind of conductive or non-conductive liquid.


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