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The LSTE is a forced draft, centrifugal fan design cooling tower with a capacity range of 33 to 1,300 nominal tons (147 to 5715 kW). Standard construction consists of G-235 (Z725-Europe) galvanized steel with type 304 stainless steel available for the basin or the entire tower.

Design Features

Maintenance Features

Drive System

Optional Equipment

Unit Specification

Sound Attenuation

LPT Cooling Tower - Design Features


The LSTE Cooling Tower product line is highly efficient design constructed for long life and minimum maintenance. It is the ideal choice for forced draft replacement applications, low sound and indoor installations.

LSTE Cooling Tower - Maintenance Features


Designed for easy maintenance, the LSTE cooling tower leads the industry in service friendly features. The two most critical areas for cooling tower maintenance are the basin and the drive system. The cold water basin is easily accessed from outside the tower via large circular access doors. All drive system components are located in the dry, entering air stream for long life and can be serviced from outside the tower.


The pan/fan section of a centrifugal fan unit is designed for accessibility and maintenance. Fan and drive components are positioned to allow easy adjustment and cleaning. All grease fittings are in convenient locations for periodic lubrication. Large circular access doors are provided on each section to allow entry into the pan. All float valve and strainer assemblies are location near the door for easy adjustment and cleaning. The pan sump is designed to catch the dirt accumulated and can be flushed out with a hose.

LSTE Cooling Tower - Drive Systems


The LSTE Cooling Tower features the highly successful EVAPCO V-belt drive system engineered for heavy-duty operation. All drive system components including the fans, motors, sheaves, and belts are located in the dry entering air stream and are suitable for the most severe duty cooling tower applications. Fan Motors Belt Drive Centrifugal Fans and Drives Forged Bearing Journal Fan Motors.


All LSTE Cooling Tower models utilize heavy duty, totally enclosed Premium Efficient, Inverter-Duty fan motors designed specifically for cooling tower applications. In addition to the standard motors offered on each cooling tower, EVAPCO offers many optional motors to meet your specific needs, including: Premium Efficiency and Multi-Speed Motors.


Optional Equipment


The standard design of the EVAPCO LPT provides the customer with the easiest cooling tower to maintain in the industry. There are additional options which can make maintenance easier and extend the life of the cooling tower. These options are listed below.


  •     Sound Attenuation
  •     Electric Heaters
  •     Electric Water Level Control





LPT Cooling Tower - Unit Specifications









A. Drawings and general provisions of the Contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions and Division 1 Specification Sections, apply to this section.




A. This Section includes factory assembled and tested, open circuit, forced draft counterflow cooling tower.




A. General. Submit the following:


1. Certified drawings of the cooling tower, sound data, recommended steel support indicating weight loadings, wiring diagrams, installation instructions, operation and maintenance instructions, and thermal performance guarantee by the manufacturer.




A. Verification of Performance:


1. Test and certify cooling tower thermal performance according to CTI Standard 201.


2.Test and certify cooling tower sound performance according to CTI ATC-128.


B. Meet or Exceed energy efficiency per ASHRAE 90.




A. Motor/Drive System: Five (5) year comprehensive warranty against materials and workmanship including motor, fan, bearings, mechanical support, sheaves, bushings and belt.


B. Unit: One (1) year from start-up, not to exceed eighteen (18) months from shipment on the unit.






A. Manufactures: Subject to compliance with requirements, provide cooling towers manufactured by one of the following:


1. EVAPCO, Inc.


2. Approved Substitute




A. Galvanized Sheet Steel casing and fan housing complying with ASTM A 653/A 653M and having G-235 designation and Type 304 Stainless Steel basin.


B. Optional Type 304 and/or 316 Stainless Steel as specified.




A. Description: Factory assembled and tested, forced draft counterflow cooling tower complete with fill, fan(s), fan screens, accessories, and rigging supports.


B. Cooling Tower Characteristics and Capacities: Refer to the Cooling Tower schedule.


C. Fan(s):


1. Type and Material: forward curved, centrifugal of hot-dipped galvanized construction. The fans shall be factory installed, and statically and dynamically balanced for vibration free operation.


2. Fan Housing: The complete drive system, including the electric motor, belts, bearings, fan, and drives shall be completely enclosed in a protective housing which covers the drive system and provides sound reduction.


3. Maximum sound pressure level of _____dB(A) measured at 5 feet above the fan discharge during full speed operation in accordance with CTI Standard ATC-128.


D. Water Distribution System: Non-corrosive materials.


1. Evenly distribute of water over fill material with pressurized spray tree.


a. Pipes: Schedule 40 PVC, Non-corrosive Materials


b. Nozzles: Non-clogging, ABS Plastic, threaded into branch piping.


2. Maximum pressure at inlet shall be ____ psig. E. IBC Compliance: The unit structure shall be designed, analyzed, and constructed in accordance with the latest edition of the International Building Code (IBC) Regulations for seismic loads up to _____ g and wind loads up to __ psf.


F. Collection Basin Material: Type 304 Stainless Steel for long life and durability (Optional Stainless Steel Water Touch Basin, Water Touch Unit, and All Stainless Steel Unit):


1. Removable stainless-steel strainer with openings smaller than nozzle orifices.


2. Joints: Bolted and sealed watertight.


3. Overflow, Makeup and Drain connections: Type 304 Stainless Steel (MPT).


4. Outlet Connection: Type 304 Beveled for weld and grooved for mechanical coupling.


G. Casing: Heavy Gauge G-235 Galvanized Steel or Type 304 Stainless Steel (Optional):


1. Casing panels shall totally encase the fill media to protect the fill from damage due to direct atmospheric exposure. All galvanized steel panel edges shall be coated with a 95% pure zinc compound during fabrication.


2. Fasteners: Corrosion resistance equal to or better than materials being fastened.


3. Joints: Sealed watertight.


4. Welded Connections: Continuous and watertight


H. Fill Media: PVC; resistant to rot, decay and biological attack; formed, crossfluted bonded together for strength and durability in block format for easy removal and replacement; suitable for use as a working surface; self extinguishing with flame spread rating of 5 per ASTM E84-81a; able to withstand continuous operating temperature of 130°F; and fabricated, formed and installed by the manufacturer to ensure water breaks up into droplets.


I. Drift Eliminators: Same material as Fill. 0.001% drift rate.


J. Protective Air Inlet Screens: Galvanized Steel


K. Water Level Control: Brass mechanical makeup water valve and plastic float with an adjustable linkage.




A. General requirements for motors are specified in Division 23 Section "Motors".


B. Enclosure Type: TEFC


C. Motor Speed: Single Speed (Option: VFD Duty, 2-speed)


D. Drive: Power Band Belt designed for 150% of the motor nameplate HP.


1. Belt: V-belt type.


2. Sheaves: Aluminum alloy, taper lock design.


3. Bearings: Heavy duty, self-aligning bearings with extended grease lines and fittings.


4. Fan Shaft: Solid steel shaft with forged bearing journals.


5. Vibration Cutout Switch: Mechanical switch to de- energize fan motors if excessive vibration in NEMA 4 enclosure.




A. Access Door: A circular access door shall be located above the basin to allow for easy access to the pan interior.


B. Ladders: Aluminum, vertical complying with 29 CFR 1910.27.




A. Inlet Attenuation: Self supporting, materials to be same as fan section. Baffled panels shall change the path of air entry and capture radiated noise. External belt adjustment and lubrication points shall be provided.


B. Discharge Attenuation: Straight sided discharge hood with insulated baffles to reduce the overall sound level of the discharge air. A large access panel to allow access to the water distribution system and drift eliminators shall be provided.



LPT Cooling Tower - Sound Attenuation Packages  sound attenuation EVAPCO


The standard LPT is the quietest, low profile centrifugal fan cooling tower in the industry. This is achieved by providing the first stage of inlet sound attenuation as part of the LPT ’s standard design. The LPT drive system, including the fan housing(s), electric motors, belts, bearings and drives, is completely enclosed by a protective housing which covers the drive system and also provides a significant level of sound reduction.


Inlet Attenuation


Reduces sound radiated through the end and side air intakes. It consists of baffled panels to change the path of the air entry and to capture the radiated noise thus reducing

the overall sound levels generated. In addition, the external belt adjustment mechanism is extended through the inlet attenuator to allow easy belt adjustment without having to enter the unit.


Discharge Attenuation


The discharge attenuation hood features a straight sided design with insulated baffles to reduce the overall sound levels of the discharge air. The discharge attenuation incorporates a large access panel to allow entry to the drift eliminators and water distribution system. If a higher discharge velocity is required with minimal sound attenuation, a tapered discharge hood is available.



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