MPS vessel chiller RVS distributed by Clark Johnson Co

Semi Welded Plate Chiller


RVS distributed by Clark Johnson Co

MPS Chiller Package


The MPS Semi-Welded Plate Chiller Package incorporates semi-welded plate heat exchanger technology with split-flow surge drum design and state of the art level controls into a complete package which reduces installation time and cost compared to field fabricated units. The unit comes complete with oil management system and proportional liquid feed assembly requiring only two refrigerant connections in the field.


Typical Applications

  • Chilled water and glycol solutions for use in process cooling and air conditoning
  • NH3/CO2 Cascade Condenser
  • NH3 Sub-coole

Matrix LLC Control

  • Reads 4-20mA signal from level probe and provides visual readout in digital and color bar graph form on panel.
  • Adjustable high and low level alarms and cut outs.
  • Door-mounted (7) button keypad.  No need to open enclosure to change settings.
  • Communications via industry standard protocol MODBUS-RTU over RS-485.
  • Factory mounted and wired requiring only a single power connection in the field


Liquid Level Column

  • Level indicating column with RVS electronic level probe
  • High level shutdown float switch for compressor protection


Proportional Liquid Feed Assembly

  • Modulating valve minimizes vessel pressure surges and liquid line hammer
  • Backup solenoid valve or UPS (uninterrupted power supply) provides positive shutoff in the event of a power failure


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