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PHC Evaporative Condenser


The PHC, Parallel Hybrid Condenser, is an induced draft evaporative condenser available in capacities from 208 to 2,050 nominal ammonia tons (897 to 8,844 kW). The PHC combines high efficiency PVC crossflow fill with Evapco's latest coil technology featuring the exclusive CROSSCool™ internal tube enhancement for superior induced draft, parallel flow, hybrid condenser performance.


The PHC offers more selections for large industrial refrigeration projects: more capacity with a smaller plan area, fewer motors, less weight, and lower refrigerant charge. More equipment choices and more design flexibility mean greater value for the End-User.


Design Features

Maintenance Features

PHC Evaporative Condenser - Design Features



The PHC Evaporative Condenser reflects Evapco's commitment to product development and research testing. It incorporates Evapco's Thermal-Pak® II or patented Sensi-Coil® technologies featuring Evapco's exclusive CROSSCool™ internal tube enhancement. The combination of coil technology with a high efficiency crossflow fill section, provides superior thermal performance.

PHC Evaporative Condenser - Maintenance Features



The PHC line of evaporative condensers reflect EVAPCO’s committment to product development. The advanced design provides owners with many operational and performance advantages. These parallel-flow hybrid condensers are designed for easy maintenance and long, trouble-free operation.


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