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PMC-E Evaporative Condenser


PMC-E Evaporative Condensers are forced draft, axial fan models and are available in capacities from 124 to 1,409 ammonia tons (534 kW to 6,069 kW). The effective axial flow fans can reduce power requirements by up to 50% over centrifugal fan models of similar capacity. The PMC-E Condenser has more capacity than any other forced draft condenser on the market and provides more choices due to its greater number of plan areas.


PMC-E Models combine the most capacity per plan area with unique owner oriented benefits that make them Easy to Install, Easy to Maintain and Easy to Operate. All the features and benefits of the PMC-E make them Easy on your Operating Budget.


PMC-E Evaporative Condenser EVAPCO

Design Features

Maintenance Features

Drive System

Optional Equipment

Unit Specification

Low Sound

Design Features


The PMC-E Evaporative Condenser product line is a combination of EVAPCO's extensive forced draft evaporative cooling product experience and engineered solutions design philosophy. Combined with EVAPCO's patented, high-efficiency THERMAL-PAK II ® coil, the PMC-E is the most efficient and easiest forced draft axial fan design condenser in the industry to install, maintain and operate.

Maintenance Features


Designed for easy access, the PMC-E Evaporative Condenser leads the industry in maintenance friendly features. The three most critical areas for evaporative condenser maintenance are the basin, drive system, and coil. The PMC-E basin section is designed to allow quick and easy access from outside the condenser. All service to the drive system can be safely performed from the side of the condenser and EVAPCO's Power-Band drive system is the easiest belt drive system to maintain in the industry!


Drive Systems


The PMCE Evaporative Condenser features the highly successful EVAPCO POWER-BAND Belt Drive System engineered for heavy-duty operation. The POWER-BAND Drive System has consistently provided trouble-free operation in the most severe duty evaporative condenser applications.

Optional Equipment


The PMC-E is the most efficient and easiest Evaporative Condenser to maintain in the industry. There are additional options which can make maintenance easier, extend the life, or enhance the performance capabilities of the Evaporative Condenser. These options are listed below.


  •     304 Stainless Steel Coil
  •     Access Ladders
  •     Stainless Steel Water Touch Basin
  •     Extended Surface Coil
  •     Electric Heaters
  •     Electric Water Level Control
  •     Oversized Access Doors
  •     Self Supporting Service Platforms
  •     Pulse-Pure Water Treatment System
  •     Remote Sump Configuration



PMC-E Evaporative Condenser - Unit Specifications



Furnish and install, as shown on the plans, an Evapco model _____________ evaporative condenser. Each unit shall have condensing capacity of _________ BTUH heat rejection, operating with ____________ refrigerant at _____ °F condensing temperature and _____ °F design wet bulb temperature.

Pan and Casing


The pan and casing shall be constructed of G-235 hot-dip galvanized steel for long life and durability. The heat transfer section shall be removable from the pan to provide easy handling and rigging. The pan/fan section shall include fans, motors and drives mounted and aligned at the factory. These items shall be located in the dry entering air stream to provide maximum service life and easy maintenaince. The pan bottom shall be sloped to the drain to ensure easy draining and to facilitate cleaning. Standard pan accessories shall include circular access doors, stainless steel strainers, wastewater bleed line with adjustable valve and brass makeup valve, with an unsinkable foam filled plastic float.

Power-Mizer Fan Drives


Fans shall be vane-axial type constructed of cast aluminum alloy blades. They shall be arranged in a two-stage system installed in a closely fitted cowl with venturi air inlet and air stabilizing vanes. Fan shaft bearings shall be a heavy-duty self aligning ball type with grease fittings extended to the outside of the unit. The fan drive shall be solid backed Power-Band constructed of neoprene with polyester cords designed for 150% of motor nameplate horsepower. Drives are to be mounted and aligned at the factory. Each fan shall be driven individually by a dedicated fan motor. Fan motors may be cycled independently without harmful moist air bypass. Fan Motor _________ horsepower totally enclosed fan cooled motor(s) with 1.15 service factor shall be furnished suitable for outdoor service on _________ volts, _________ hertz, and _________ phase. Motor(s) shall be mounted on an adjustable base.

Heat Transfer Coil


The coil(s) shall be all prime surface steel, encased in steel framework with the entire assembly hot-dip galvanized after fabrication. Coil(s) shall be designed with sloping tubes for free drainage of liquid refrigerant and tested to 400 psig air pressure under water.

Water Distribution System


The system shall provide a water flow rate of 6 GPM over each square foot of the unit face area to ensure proper flooding of the coil. The spray header shall be constructed of schedule 40, PVC pipe for corrosion resistance. All spray branches shall be removable and include a threaded end plug for cleaning. The water shall be distributed over the entire coil surface by heavy duty molded nylon ZM spray nozzles with large 1-5/16" diameter opening and internal sludge ring to eliminate clogging. Nozzles shall be threaded into a spray header to provide easy removal for maintenance. Water Recirculation Pump The pump(s) shall be a close-coupled, centrifugal type with mechanical seal, installed at the factory. _________ horsepower totally enclosed, motor shall be furnished suitable for outdoor service on _________ volts, _________ hertz, and _________ phase.



The eliminators shall be constructed entirely of inert polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in easily handled sections. The eliminator design shall incorporate three changes in air direction to assure complete removal of all entrained moisture from the discharge air stream. Maximum drift rate shall be less than 0.001% of the circulating water rate.



All pan and casing materials shall be constructed of G-235 heavy gauge mill hot-dip galvanized steel for maximum protection against corrosion. During fabrication, all panel edges shall be coated with 95% pure zinc-rich compound.

Low Sound Solutions


Quiet Operation for Sound Sensitive Applications


The PMC-E product line is now available with optional Super Low Sound Technology! This option provides sound levels of a similar size forced draft centrifugal condenser while operating at a reduced power level. Sound level reductions of 10-13 dBA at 50' on the fan side are available. Consult EVAPCO's iES online selection program for unit sound levels.


NOTE: This low sound option may impact the overall weight of the unit

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