Refrigerant Accessories



Parker offers a range of refrigerant accessories for any valve, regulator, filter-drier, coupling or control. These include spare parts and kits as well as lubricants, chemicals and sprays, ensuring consistent product performance, durability and reliability.


Strainers Clark Johnson Co


Refrigerant Strainers RSF and RSW


The RSF/RSW refrigerant strainers collect foreign materials and dirt in a refrigerant system at minimal pressure drop in order to minimize damage to or prevent malfunction of control valves.


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Liquid Level Controller Clark Johnson Co


Liquid Level Controller (HBLT-C1)


The Liquid Level Controller HBLT-C1 provides remote liquid level management for industrial refrigeration systems.


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Sight Glass Controller Clark Johnson Co


Liquid Level Controls- Sight Glass SG1


The liquid level sight glass SG1 provides a clear indication of liquid levels in industrial and commercial refrigeration systems.


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Relief Valve Disc Clark Johnson Co


Safety Relief Valves- Rupture Disc Assemblies


These fast acting rupture discs are designed to be used in line with the Refrigerating Specialties safety relief valve product line.


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Flanges Clark Johnson Co




These forged flanges are used to connect pipes and Industrial Refrigeration control valves (regulators, solenoids, check valves, etc.) to a piping system.


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