Refrigerant Solenoid Valves



Parker’s range of solenoid valve includes types and configurations for a wide variety of hydraulic, pneumatic, instrumentation, medical, refrigeration and aerospace applications. Solenoid valve solutions from Parker offer reliability, fast and safe switching and compact designs suitable for challenging environments.


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Flo-Con SC Commercial Solenoid Valve


The SC suction solenoid for commercial applications was developed as an alternative low pressure drop shut off valve in a wide range of both port and connection sizes.


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Solenoid Valves- S5A, S5AE


The Type S5A is a pilot operated, heavy duty, steel- bodied solenoid valve.


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Solenoid Valves S8F and S6N


The S6N & S8F Solenoid Valves are compact, heavy duty and are suitable for Ammonia and other common refrigerants for liquid lines, refrigerant oil lines, and as a pilot valve to actuate remote gas powered valves and other pilot actuated devices.


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Gas Powered Suction Stop Valve- Pilot Assemblies


The S9A Pilot Assembly is to be used in conjunction with the S9A and S9W valves which are designed to promptly and fully open or close under conditions which make conventional solenoid valves unreliable or unsuitable.


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Solenoid Valves- S4A Type


The Type S4W, S4A, S4AD, and S4X are pilot operated valves made for easy field servicing.


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sv2 solenoid valve clark johnson co


Solenoid Valves- SV2


This compact, heavy duty, pilot operated, ductile iron bodied solenoid valve is suitable for Ammonia, and other refrigerants, certain oils and other fluids approved for use in refrigeration.


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Solenoid Valves- S7A, S7AL, S7F


Type S7A is a very versatile pilot operated, positive lift, solenoid valve that may be used in most liquid, or hot gas lines.


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