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The World's Only CTI Certified Cooling Tower Capable of NET ZERO Annual Energy Consumption!


Under typical North American solar exposure and commercial HVAC loading conditions, the SUN tower is capable of offsetting 100% of annual fan energy consumption with its strategically located solar panel array.


During periods of solar power generation, the power is directed to the fan motors. When the solar panels are generating surplus energy, the balance returns to the building for use by other equipment, such as pumps, lighting, fans, etc. When the fan motors are drawing more power than the solar panels are generating, the balance is typically drawn from the typical utility power supply.

Design Features

Maintenance Features

Optional Equipment

SUN Panel

Design Features


The SUN Cooling Tower product line utilizes induced draft counterflow technology - the most efficient in the industry and the best design for operation in a freezing climate. The counterflow design provides the SUN Cooling Tower with inherently better operational and maintenance features.

SUN Cooling Tower - Maintenance Features


Designed for easy maintenance, the SUN cooling tower leads the industry in service friendly features. The two most critical areas for cooling tower maintenance are the basin and the drive system. The SUN basin section is designed to allow quick and easy access from outside the cooling tower. Just like the basin, all service to the drive system can be safely performed from the side of the cooling tower. This eliminates the need to stand in the cold water basin or add costly fan deck handrails and safety cages for routine service to the fan motors or electrical equipment.

Optional Equipment


The standard design of the EVAPCO SUN provides the customer with the easiest cooling tower to maintain in the industry. There are additional options which can make maintenance easier and extend the life of the cooling tower. These options are listed below.


  •     External Service Platform & Ladder
  •     Electric Heaters
  •     Stainless Steel Water Touch Basin
  •     Electric Water Level Control




SUN Control Panel 


Exclusive control system that powers the fan motors, directs solar power generated to the appropriate component, and displays instantaneous solar power generated versus fan power consumed.


Includes a web-based interface to track daily power generated and solar panel functionality (ethernet connection required).


NEMA 4x enclosure with dual disconnect (utility and solar power sources). UL and cUL approved.


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